About Us

Fighting Homelessness with technology.

Two years ago, we were analyzing the affordable housing market for a project, and during this time we ran across the homelessness aspect of it, largely due to the extreme lack of affordable housing in the Greater Seattle Area. This was back when the Seattle mayor had first declared a state of emergency. Fast forward two years. We decided to finally do something about the problem and created an initiative to help combat homelessness: Seattle S.A.F.E.

Seattle S.A.F.E. is an application which we are continually developing and refining to give users the best possible experience. S.A.F.E. stands for Shelter Access For Everyone, and that's exactly what the app provides. It includes an integrated Google Maps map of the King County area, with the nearest shelters and your current location. Users can find the shelter closest to them, letting them get to a warm place with a roof over their head as quickly as possible. For those looking for a particular shelter, we handpicked over 100 of King County's homeless shelters based on their trustworthiness and reliability. We put these shelters into a database accessible from within the app. We included the shelters' addresses, operating hours, and phone numbers, so you can check whether it's open right now, call, and go there. The app allows you to sort the database with a variety of different filters, such as type of shelter (transitional housing, day center, women's shelter, etc.) and city (Seattle, Redmond, Kirkland, etc.), allowing users of the app to find the homeless shelter that's right for them.