Seattle's been in a state of emergency over homelessness for the last 2 years. We're here to make a lasting difference.

In 2016, the Seattle mayor declared a state of emergency over homelessness. It's been two years, and the situation hasn't gotten better. There were over 10,000 homeless people in King County in 2014, with 3776 people living without any kind of roof over their heads. Over the next two years, that number increased by 21%. $40 million is put annually into services for the homeless, but today, the homelessness problem is worse than it has ever been before. We wanted to help these services make the most out of what's put into them, which is one of our main reasons for starting Seattle S.A.F.E.


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About us

Seattle S.A.F.E.'s core purpose is helping people get a roof over their heads.

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